Responsible data governance in smart cities


On 8 December we meet with Anna Artyushina, Ph.D., research fellow in data governance at the City Institute at York University.

Her dissertation research and the forthcoming book explore a range of policy, civic, and technological initiatives, designed to facilitate responsible data governance in the smart cities in North America and Europe. She draws on the rentiership theory, to analyse the changing role of the state in a digital economy and the governance challenges brought on by the adoption of biometric technologies, AI, and data trusts. Anna’s work has been featured in various media outlets, including the BBC, MIT Technology Review, and Toronto Star. MIT Technology Review profiled her research on data trusts in the special issue “10 Breakthrough Technologies of 2021.”

In this Data Talk, we will explore her research around data governance in smart cities across the globe.

Add the event to your calendar and join us: 8 December 16:00 CET!

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