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Teaming up for Data Spaces in Europe


Europe wants to remain a global competitor in the digital domain. The creation of a single market for data where data sovereignty is protected, is therefore a top priority of the European strategy for data. Data spaces will be instrumental in achieving this, as they make data available for use in the economy and society, while keeping those who generate the data in control.

To make data spaces happen and realise their full potential in innovation, technology, and economic development, Team Data Spaces was set up this July. Among its members are the Big Data Value Association (BDVA), Capgemini Invent, FIWARE Foundation, Fraunhofer ISST, Gaia-X, International Data Spaces Association (IDSA), INNOPAY, Insight, KULeuven, MyData Global, Sitra, TNO, and VTT.

A harmonised approach to sharing data is not yet a reality, and the landscape is fragmented although adequate technology and process knowledge already exists. Team Data Spaces will take up the challenge of coordinating and scaling to establish a harmonised approach for European data spaces. 

Find more info and stay tuned on their developments via their website

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