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European Parliament accelerates data sharing with new resolution


Since the European Commission announced the AI regulations in April this year, data governance has become a much-heard topic. This July, the European Parliament has adopted a new resolution for better data governance to speed up data sharing. The aim of this new set of rules is to increase confidence in data sharing, facilitate neutrality of data marketplaces, and foster the reuse of health, agricultural, and environmental data that is held by the public sector.

The new resolution should help set up data pools on a voluntary registration system for recognised “data altruistic” organisations in the EU and includes:

  • A new definition of the perimeter of the legislation concerning data intermediation services, to include large technology companies.
  • A limit on exclusivity agreements to twelve months to quickly make more data available to SMEs and start-ups.
  • A limitation on the transfer of sensitive public sector data to third countries. This is permitted only if these benefit from the same level of protection as the EU. 

Curious to learn more? Read the full article.

European Parliament accelerates data sharing with new resolution
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