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Towards a European-Governed Data Sharing Space


Last week the Big Data Value Association (BDVA) released the second version of the position paper: "Towards a European-Governed Data Sharing Space", this time addressing how data exchange can be enabled and AI potential can be unlocked.

Previously the BDVA published a position paper titled "Towards a Pan-European Data Sharing Space", as a first step to converge data sharing practices of businesses and institutions from different sectors to inspire others. This first version is available as a practice example:

In the current paper the BDVA sets out its vision for European-governed data sharing. Instead of referring to data as the new oil, the BDVA describes it as a currency that underpins the modern data economy and supports the entire European economy in growing fast yet effectively. Though technical opportunities lie mostly in the field of AI, they cannot be fully utilised without secure and effective sharing of high-quality data. In this position paper, ideas for implementation and recommendations are presented.

Read the full report here:

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