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World Bank report: Unraveling Data's Gordian Knot


This May, the World Bank published an inspiring report on trusted data sharing, its enablers and its safeguards. In an extensive overview, supplemented by nine use-cases, the report offers a framework for maximising data use by governments,  businesses, and individuals while safeguarding individual rights over personal data and data protection. Unraveling Data's Gordian Knot also demonstrates how countries around the world are navigating complex data governance choices.

Some of the reports' highlights

  • Unlocking the value of data for reuse by sharing need not be at odds with individual rights or data protections. Doing so can enhance individual agency and trust.
  • The right mix of laws and policies, institutional arrangements, and technical architecture is key to creating a data sharing environment in which transactions between providers and users are trusted.

Curious to learn more? Find an excerpt of the report, or read the full version

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(c) 2020, The World Bank

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