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Vodafone calls for government support to safeguard SMEs from cyberattacks


The telecom provider Vodafone has asked for support from the UK Government in providing small and medium enterprises (SMEs) with better cybersecurity policies as they recover from the pandemic. 

According to a recent Vodafone report, many SMEs have been subject to cyber attacks and almost 25% of those indicate they could not continue their operations after a cyberattack. Cyber criminals often mimic government communication to send emails including links which, when clicked, send private data from the victim's computer to the attacker's1. This poses a substantial security risk to personal data.

As ever more business is done online, it is crucial that businesses have the tools to safeguard their data, and build resilience to cyberattacks, and that the government supports them to do so. 

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Image credit:
2021, Jefferson Santos via Unsplash