SMEs' futures are Europe’s future


Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are very important for the future of Europe. They count for 99% of European businesses and employ more than 100 million people. 1

The European Commission has set 11 goals in the Digital Decade: Digital Targets for the 2030 programme. One of those goals states that three out of four SMEs should use cloud computing services, big data, and artificial intelligence by 2030. 2 Today, the cloud computing adoption among SMEs in Europe is 35% and the adoption for big data is 14%. 3 To track the progress of how digital SMEs are in Europe, the Lisbon Council created three pillars to indicate each country’s progress regarding the themes Green, Digital, and Competitiveness. The Lisbon Council is a Brussels-based think tank that focuses on matters of innovation and European competitiveness.

Pillar I: How digital are a country’s SMEs?

Pillar II: How green are SMEs?

Pillar III: How competitive are SMEs?

The study also created a ranking list per country, where Denmark tops the list in Pillar I. The country showed high scores across the board with strength on all three indicators. The lowest scoring countries are Romania and Bulgaria, which indicates a lack of digital skills and few growth opportunities.

Find out how you country performs and explore country profiles in the full report.

SMEs' futures are Europe’s future
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2022, Lisbon Council

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