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Simple governance structures for data sharing


A recent article published by the Boston Consulting Group has once more highlighted the need for simple governance structures in data sharing. Though sharing data provides great opportunity for companies to increase the value of data and the amount of use cases, the risk of lost value and unrealized benefits is often too big to ignore and leads companies to refrain from sharing data. 

This is not at all necessary claims the Boston Consulting Group if straightforward governance rules are to be set. Now, data sharing is hindered as there are1:

  • Fears of misuse and privacy issues
  • Technological and operational difficulties
  • Competitive worries
  • Losses in terms of financial opportunity 

However, there are examples where these impediments can be surpassed, for instance in the case of HERE Technologies and Airbus Skywise. Both these technologies make use of very structured ecosystems in terms of governance. Datasets are for instance transformed into standardized formats, or the partner-vetting process is made transparent through its publication. Setting up simple yet effective governance rules therefore is vital in facilitating data sharing. 

Interested to learn more about these examples? Read the full article here.