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Opendatasoft community showcases data sharing initiatives


As part of the Opendatasoft (ODS) Academy, the French data sharing software provider has showcased over a hundred data sharing initiatives. These example cases demonstrate the impact of data sharing, how the practice helps build smarter services, and how it supports evidence-based policy-making. 

The initiatives are put forward by the Opendatasoft community, and divided into four categories:

  • Transparency
    Including for instance, public spending, housing, mobility services, and international trade.  
  • Organisational efficiency
    How can public and private organisations utilise data sharing to increase efficiency?
  • Territorial attractiveness
    How are local communities and cities promoting their area with data?
  • Innovation
    Showing products and services that are developed through shared data.

Have a look to discover the initiatives!

Image credit:
(c) 2021, Opendatasoft