Meet AI Marketplace


Familiar with the AI Marketplace project? This digital platform for AI in engineering aims to bring AI experts and solution providers together in one place. Its main purpose is to help companies increase their productivity and revenue using artificial intelligence whilst also enabling data sharing and monetisation in a secure way. To do so, an expert will perform an individual analysis to understand and identify use cases specific to a company’s needs. Upon the expert's analysis, the company will receive detailed feedback showing how and where they can improve to be fully equipped for the implementation of AI solutions.

The tricky part with IT structures, specifically with AI applications that, by nature, require constant processing and free flow of data, is that they often lack transparency. Data security and governance need to be in place in the AI Marketplace and this is ensured using IDS connectors from the International Data Spaces Association. The connectors are pieces of software installed by the company or the platform that provide technical access to the IDS ecosystem. In this ecosystem, users can safely communicate and exchange data.

The project is fully in line with the European data strategy, which envisions the seamless flow of data across industries with utmost data privacy. This free flow of data needs to perfectly balance unlimited interoperability with secure data governance, and the AI Marketplace nicely embodies this.

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