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INNOPAY and TNO call on Dutch government to advance the field of SSI


Recent research by INNOPAY and TNO shows that the field of Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) is rapidly advancing in the Netherlands. SSI enables users to control their digital identity and related data, which helps optimise (administrative) processes, increase data quality and offer more privacy, autonomy, and transparency in the digital domain.

Now, the SSI landscape is still very fragmented. Yet there is a lot of potential according to researchers Eefje van der Harst and Sterre den Breeijen. They call on the government to provide more clarity on legislative frameworks, stating that:

“It is unclear to market parties how the various national and international laws and regulations relate to each other. They cite this as one of the biggest barriers to creating social value with SSI. They have difficulty determining to what extent implementation choices are future-proof. As a result, parties postpone their investment decisions and deliberately stay longer in an exploratory phase.”

At the same time, various tech companies are already scaling up existing SSI-like wallet initiatives. 

Discover how the Dutch government can play a role in advancing the field in the full article.

INNOPAY and TNO call on Dutch government to advance control over data
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