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IDSA releases position paper on GAIA-X


The International Data Spaces Association recently released a position paper that aims to match elements of the International Data Spaces Reference Architecture Model to the principles of GAIA-X infrastructure.

The paper provides a comparison of the two, and focuses on topics such as: areas of digital identities, certification, self-description, usage control, interoperability, data services, and trustworthy runtime.

In comparing the models, the paper finds that GAIA-X infrastructure is not yet as advanced as the International Data Spaces (IDS) initiative. Yet in terms of proliferating data sovereignty, both initiatives have the same perspective. The same goes for the vision for creating an ecosystem of trust for data sharing. The two differ though in concepts that incorporate data storage and cloud-related elements. Currently, those are part only of GAIA-X but could serve to complement the IDS architecture in the future.

The position paper is a first sketch of the respective architectures, and concludes with a discussion on how to best align GAIA-X and the International Data Spaces Reference Architecture Model. 

Curious to discover all findings? Access the IDSA position paper

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(c) 2021, IDSA