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IDSA publishes Rule Book for implementing IDS in the real world


The International Data Space Association recently published the IDS Rule Book, outlining a common governance framework that helps the future data economy run smoothly.

“Key requirement to make data-driven business ecosystems a reality is to have a set of rules and policies that govern it in a decentralized way. All these rules and policies are collected in the IDS Rule Book. By following these rules and guidance, all players can work together to reach our shared goal of unlocking the full value of the global data economy.”1 Sebastian Steinbuss, CTO at IDSA

Previously it proved difficult for companies to control, share, or monetize vast amounts of data on their own terms. The rules and guidelines that IDSA now provides foster secure data exchange and easy linkage between and across systems, sectors, and geographies. The publication points out the various functional, technical, operational, and legal agreements as well as their roles within the ecosystem.

Read more about the IDSA Rule Book and access the full document

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(c) 2021, IDSA