ICO releases AI and data protection framework


Applications of AI increasingly shape our lives, and though they have many benefits, they can also pose risks to individuals’ rights and freedoms. Recently, we advocated for designing fair AI without biases in a series of opinion pieces on reducing discrimination in the labour market.

To understand the benefits and risks of AI technologies better, the UK's independent body for information rights (ICO) set up a framework for auditing AI. This data protection and AI framework will benefit those working with compliance side, as well as those working with the technology, including data protection officers (DPOs), general counsel, risk managers, senior management, and auditors, but also, technology specialists, machine learning experts, data scientists, software developers, engineers, and cybersecurity and IT risk managers.

In the framework you will find:

  • auditing tools and procedures used in ICO audits and investigations​​
  • a detailed guidance on AI and data protection
  • a toolkit designed to provide practical support to organisations auditing the compliance of their own AI systems (forthcoming)

Curious? Find all tools and materials and learn to assess the risks of AI technologies and how to mitigate them.

ICO releases AI and data protection framework
Image credit:
FLY:D via Unsplash

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