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GAIA-X and the IDSA standard: a decentralized cloud solution


In last week’s news piece we introduced GAIA-X, the European solution for a decentralized cloud infrastructure.

Though we have not yet shed much light on GAIA-X, it is one the frontrunner projects in creating a federated digital infrastructure. The main reason for this is that its architecture allows companies to remain completely in charge of their data, whilst enabling secure data-sharing and offering the possibly to monitor compliance. This is made possible through the combination of GAIA-X infrastructure with the International Data Spaces (IDSA) standard. This format lays out exactly how to create protected data spaces and how to control who has access, which guarantees data security, especially in regards to sensitive information.

“The idea is to keep critical data in the hands of the company, while providing the data required for collaboration with suppliers. This is made possible by a hybrid solution – the company's own edge cloud data center and a network in a cloud system” – according to the Supply Chain Collaboration by German Edge Cloud.    

In working towards a more digital, and connected data economy as is the European Commission’s aim 1, GAIA-X is one of the key elements facilitating transparent and free flow of data. By making use of existing cloud services, and allowing companies to store data on central platforms for various uses, the project will pave the way ensuring data sovereignty and interoperability across Europe.

IDSA has recently published a position paper detailing GAIA-X architecture, read it here!

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(c) 2021, Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs