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EU allocates €7.5 billion to funding for Digital Europe Programme


For the coming years (2021-2027) the European Commission has made available a €7.5 billion budget to drive the digital transition of the European economy through the Digital Europe Programme

This budget will help strengthen investments in:

  • Supercomputing (€2.2 billion);
  • Artificial intelligence (€2.1 billion);
  • Cybersecurity (€1.7 billion); and
  • Advanced digital skills (€580 million)

An additional €1.1 billion is reserved for ensuring a wide use of digital technologies across economy and society. This includes areas of public interest such as health or culture; the support of SMEs; the establishment of Digital Innovation Hubs; and the deployment of technologies like blockchain at public institutions.

Read more details about the funding of the Digital Europe Programme here.

EU Budget
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(c) 2021, European Commission