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EC ensures Europe's technological sovereignty with new partnership


In March, the European Commission announced a new partnership to speed up the transition towards a green, climate neutral and digital Europe. Nearly €10 billion has been allocated to collaborations between the Union, Member States and industry that reinforce Europe’s innovation potential and safeguard technological sovereignty in electronics.

This partnership focuses on Key Digital Technologies (KDT), as they are the main drivers behind this. Components of the European Green Deal such as clean, affordable energy and smart mobility, strongly rely on KDTs to produce high-quality microelectronics. They produce electronic and photonic components, and software that establishes these components' way of working. In that sense, KDTs provide the basis for all digital systems including Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things.

This new KDT Partnership:

  • Provides innovative electronic components and systems, software and smart integration to digital value chains;
  • Helps develop and apply these technologies to address major global challenges in mobility, health, energy, security, manufacturing and digital communications;
  • Connects research and innovation (R&I) players to industrial policies.

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