Discover the TRUSTS Podcast!


The TRUSTS Podcast is now live! TRUSTS was founded with the objective of creating a secure and reliable data sharing platform in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The podcast highlights the aims and motivations that went into the creation of the project and deep-dives into the finer nuances of the data market, the essential components needed for its creation, and all the nitty-gritties involved.

The podcast is spread across 6 episodes.

The first episode introduces the TRUSTS project and covers existing data markets, interoperability, and the technicalities of the data ecosystem. The second episode highlights the business side of data market platforms and the maze of the underlying risks involved. In the third episode, Yuliya Miadzvetskaya from the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven will highlight the legal perspectives involved in data sharing and how TRUSTS will help EU policymakers in traversing through the regulatory complexities surrounding data transactions.

Sustaining the TRUSTS platform beyond its development phase will require a stellar combination of a good business model and data governance aspects. This is the topic of the fourth episode by Antragama Ewa Abbas from Delft University. He is one of the key people involved in the development of the business model and will shed light on the market research that forms the bedrock of the TRUSTS platform. The fifth episode contains a conversation with Stavroula Ntoa, a PhD in “Information Systems and Human-Computer Interaction”. She discusses the prerequisites needed for developing TRUSTS, the ABCs of the process and what capabilities the platform will offer. In the finale episode, the innovations manager at the International Data Spaces Association (IDSA) talks about IDSA’s collaboration with TRUSTS.

Want to tune in? Listen to all episodes of the TRUSTS podcast.

Discover the TRUSTS Podcast!
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