Digital Europe Programme explained: the data space for smart communities


As part of the Digital Europe Programme, the European Commission aims to set up common European Data Spaces. These data spaces will each have a specific sectoral focus. In a series of news pieces, we will showcase each of those sectoral data spaces. In this article, we dive into the data space for smart communities.

In general, the data spaces will connect currently fragmented and dispersed data from various ecosystems, from the private and public sectors. They will offer an interoperable, trusted IT environment for data processing, and a set of rules of legislative, administrative, and contractual nature that determine the rights of access to and processing of the data.

The data space for smart communities specifically, aims to enable the Green Deal goals and Sustainable Development Goals, and will offer data related to several critical city infrastructures such as energy supply and consumption, water management, waste management, and traffic information, as these could be exposed to vulnerabilities and impact EU public order. Such data can also be used for further finetuning the functioning of city-critical infrastructures like smart grids.

The project will also serve as a basis for real-time testing and deployment of AI-based solutions such as the Destination Earth Digital Twins. Furthermore, the project is encouraged to cooperate with the such as the Testing and Experimentation Facilities for smart cities and communities to define European test and training data sets and to provide support in creating them. The action should also establish links to those Horizon Europe missions that work with communities and cities as key implementing partners (e.g. Mission on Climate Neutral and Smart Cities and Mission on Adaptation to Climate Change). These would provide significant opportunities to test, experiment, and up-scale the input to and use of the data space with local partners.

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Stay tuned for the next news piece on the data space for mobility.

Digital Europe Programme explained: the data space for smart communities
Image credit:
2021, European Commission

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