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DataVault designs governance solution for cross-sector datasharing


For a central government department in the United Kingdom, DataVault designed an information governance solution, fostering datasharing between various governmental bodies. 

The government department was looking for ways to improve their services and better coordinate and meet the needs of individuals who required support. In doing so, they needed to make use of sensitive personal information from various voluntary and private sector organisations. The existing culture did not encourage data sharing or collaboration though, which led to fragmented, partially informed, uncoordinated and often ineffective support for individuals. 

To tackle this, DataVault set up a new data governance framework that included secure authentication, supervised access rights, and several policies and procedures to balance the risk with the need to access data. This governance structure provides a solution for effective data access, facilitates collaboration between the involved parties, and allows senior officials to effectively manage and safeguard sensitive officials.

Curious for more? Read the case study.

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(c) 2021, DataVault