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Data Governance & Digital Markets Act: Paving the way for a safe and free European data economy


About a month ago, the European Commission published two new pieces of legislation that drive the vision for Europe’s digital future. The Data Governance Act (DGA) and the Digital Markets Act (DMA) will help guide digital traffic and serve as a “traffic-light” for the digital sector, specifically in the field of e-commerce.

On the one hand these acts aim to provide access to safe online products and services across the EU and enable entrepreneurs and businesses to compete freely in a fair digital environment. On the other, this initiative will help contain, or take away, some of the power of Big Tech, by ensuring that the giants (Google, Amazon, Apple) report acquisitions correctly and do not exploit their dominance in the market.

This initiative is a good first step in the creation of safe and sovereign ecosystems that allow free flow of data. To truly realise this however, soft infrastructures are needed as well – perhaps this can be a next step?

Read more about soft infrastructure and how it builds upon the DGA and DMA here!