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Data-driven communities: fostering a local data ecosystem for sustainability


On the 8th of December, the European Commission organised a webinar on: “Data-driven communities: fostering a local data ecosystem for sustainability”. Through this online event, stakeholders gathered to explore possibilities for the Commission’s ambition to create a European Green Deal dataspace. In doing so, several cross-sectoral and cross-city data services and smart city initiatives that support climate-neutral and smart communities were introduced and discussed. 

Through a plenary session and stakeholder workshops, participants tried to tackle questions such as: 

  • How we can create data-driven, smart, sustainable, and resilient cities and communities?
  • Which data ecosystems benefit climate-neutral and smart communities?
  • Which building blocks the EU institutions have created to support urban digital platforms? 

In addition, various stakeholders shared what they thought would be the core datasets for local data ecosystems and which tools facilitate easy transfer of urban services between cities. In this context, several examples of data ecosystems were introduced, for instance ELISE – the collaboration of the European Commission and the EC Joint Research Centre’s ecosystem for geospatial data. Furthermore, recommendations for local data ecosystems were presented, specifically in terms of governance, economic sustainability, stakeholder engagement, and technicalities.

Discover the European approach towards urban digital transformation in the recording!