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Contending human trafficking with the help of data sharing


Unfortunately, human trafficking is still prevalent in many countries across the globe albeit mostly under the radar. In tackling this problem, data sharing between various organisations is essential - according to Paul Fockens, co-founder of Sustainable Rescue, an independent organisation fighting human trafficking. As human trafficking is an industry worth roughly €125 - 160 billion each year, the impact of this problem is not only human and societal but also economic as governments spend thousands of euros trying to contain the issue.

Sustainable Rescue addresses the problem by exposing the network of actors through combining data. That is, for instance, the routes people take from one location to the next, the various financial transactions people make, the websites visited, and the hotels checked-in. These types of data can be provided by police, local authorities, financial institutions, or charities like the Salvation Army. By combining all of these data, clear insights can be derived and a pattern of activity can be discovered leading to discoverability or trafficking networks.

As many organisations are reluctant to share this type of information for reasons of privacy, Sustainable Rescue applies the FAIR principles to analyse and share data. That way a secure and autonomous data ecosystem is created. In addition, by means of the Harmonisation Canvas, the organisation bundles insights and knowledge on how best to achieve data sharing across sectors.

Read more about the organisation and the initiative through the Data Sharing Coalition!

Sustainable Rescue
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(c) 2021, Sustainable Rescue