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Columbia launches X-Road solution


Colombia has been a leader in the field of e-government and is about the become even more digital with the launch of citizen-oriented digital public services. To meet its citizens' needs, the country is implementing the X-Road solution developed by the Nordic Institute of Interoperability (NIIS) and reaches a milestone in terms of digital transformation.

"In Colombia, the implementation of X-Road is a part of the government's long-term endeavour of digital transformation," according to Gerardo Silva, IT Project Manager at the National Digital Agency of Colombia.

From the viewpoint of Colombia's public sector, Silva explains that X-Road was the best choice in order to achieve:

  1. Usable, available, and reliable architecture;
  2. Security and trust;
  3. Performance in terms of scalability;
  4. A successful operation in terms of support, maintenance and licensing.

The first digital services are expected to be launched in spring 2021.

Curious to learn more? Find more information in a recent publication.

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