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CABI and ODI launch Data Sharing Toolkit


Together with the Centre for Agriculture and Bioscience International, the Open Data Institute has launched a Data Sharing Toolkit.

The toolkit is designed to equip development practitioners (i.e. foundation programme officers, their grantees, partners and other donors) with the necessary skills to create grants that increase access to agricultural data. In addition, this Bill & Melinda Gates funded project empowers people in agriculture to collect and share data that is FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable) and contains seven eLearning modules with supporting case studies, checklists, cheat sheets and guides.

Ruthie Musker, CABI’s Project Officer says that the toolkit can help ensure greater food security, stating that:

Countries within Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia are facing significant challenges to feed their growing populations amidst the threats posed by climate change as well as crop pests and diseases. By enabling greater access to data on soil health, agronomy and fertilizer, smallholder farmers can be better equipped to innovate and improve their farming practices and, ultimately, increase their yields, livelihoods and local, regional and national food security."

Read more about the project and its benefits on the Data Sharing Toolkit website.

Image credit:
2018, Justin Lane via Unsplash

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