Amazon US allows you to send gifts using nothing but an email address or phone number


Well in time for the upcoming holiday season, Amazon recently launched a new gifting feature in the US. This feature allows its Prime members to send gifts to others using only their email address or phone number, so no home address is required. After the gift-giver entered an email address or phone number, the intended recipient will receive a notification about the gift and can either accept and enter their home address or exchange for an Amazon Gift Card.

As one can only accept a gift when they are an Amazon member, it is also a way of attracting more users to the platform. Even though this may be a useful feature for people digitising their way of gifting presents, there are also some potential concerns voiced such as potential malicious intents from scammers or stalkers. This is an important safety concern that Amazon should take into consideration when further testing and rolling out the gifting feature.

Amazon US launched new feature that allows sending gifts using nothing but an email address or phone number
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