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Alzheimer's Disease Workbench


The Alzheimer’s Disease Data Initiative (ADDI) has officially launched the Alzheimer’s Disease Workbench, an initiative that enables researchers worldwide to share data, resources, and tools.

The ADDI is a registered medical research organization, committed to accelerating and improving the treatment of Alzheimer’s and similar dementias through scientific study. In doing so, they connect researchers to data needed to generate insights to innovate and improve treatments and diagnostic tools.  

The current workbench initiative is a data platform infrastructure that makes it possible for researchers to: 

  • Search existing datasets on current platforms
  • Add novel and multidimensional datasets
  • Combine datasets across several platforms
  • Analyse novel and current datasets using in-platform computational tools

The AD Workbench was built through a collaboration of ten organisations across the world and aims to increase data sharing, ease data access, and develop new tools and analytics.

Read more about the initiative at the ADDI's page:

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