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Join the Snowflake webinar on data clean rooms!


The economic potential of data sharing is vast. McKinsey & Company and the World Economic Forum estimate that, sharing data across organisations can open up €2.5 trillion in annual value.

Many companies and organisations acknowledge that sharing data can add value, not just for them but for the entire ecosystem. Still, sharing data is not always possible. In these cases, a data collaboration would be a solution, for instance through data clean rooms that allow companies to explore their data’s characteristics without revealing the underlying data.

Tomorrow, Jennifer Belissent, principal data strategist at Snowflake will show you:

  • What a data clean room is,
  • How you can use it, and
  • How you can share your data securely with third-parties

Register and join the webinar: 31 August (11:00 - 11:45 CEST)

Join the Snowflake webinar on data clean rooms!
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