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When is your data sharing-tipping point?

Esther Bodil Huyer

From Melcolm Gladwell,1 we know that to start a movement or hype, there is a tipping point. A point where a critical number of people influence a substantial part of the community to join. Only then can an idea or initiative become a movement or hype. I believe similar counts for data sharing.

When a critical number of people share and exchange pictures, messages, health information, etc., the value of the supporting platform or application rises and the community joins in. I do not use my favourite messaging app because of how advanced its technology is, but because others use it to share data as well, making it convenient and increasing my trust.

Many of us agree to share our personal data for free of charge-services because of its value and trustworthiness seems convincing. However, picking up from the point from before, the value of the service comes from the community that uses it. The application reached its tipping point to become successful. What if half the community would decide not to share their data anymore and opt-out or switch? Is there also a reverse tipping point? If so, then the service would lose its worth and the rest would follow. The negative tipping point can reverse a hype.

Can we use Gladwell's insights to foster or even steer ethical and sustainable data sharing? Share your thoughts in the forum:


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