Sector: Energy, transport, banking and public sector

Country: France


Opendatasoft is a European cloud-based SaaS platform, that allows governments and organisations to centralize, process, visualise, share and reuse data. Its intuitive interface allows non-expert users to easily browse and understand the data published by governments, whereas more technical users can benefit from the automated APIs, which enable the reuse of the data.

With a footprint of +200 clients in 20 countries, Opendatasoft provides a multilanguage user-friendly solution, that facilitates not only the publication of data towards the citizens, but also internal/private data-sharing. Every client adapts its usage to their specific projects and needs, through the creation of dashboards and content pages, in order to showcase their policies and projects through data-driven storytelling.

Our clients are governments of all levels (central administration, national portals, cities, metropolis), as well as private companies, academia, retail, and many actors from the smart city ecosystem (utilities, energy, mobility, parking and sensors).


Opendatasoft acts as a data sharing platform for users to access, re-use and share data to grow their business. By doing this, they can provide:

  • Turnkey solution
  • Pay as you go
  • Functions as a Hub for data coming from different sources, formats, frequencies
  • Internal and external data sharing
  • Intuitive interface for admins and users
  • Flexibility to create content pages with data visualisation dashboards
  • Open source widget library on Github


For questions and comments, please visit our forum on Futurium.