Report on collected model contract terms

One of the objectives of SCDS is to provide a range of model contracts, which can be searched and used as templates by relevant stakeholders to license data, along with the right tools to easily find, select and customise a suitable licence. This can be considered as a soft and nonregulatory form of intervention, which comprises elements of best practice identification and dissemination, but also of pragmatic support.

A first step in this objective is to identify existing licences, to analyse them, and to make them available for re-use by interested stakeholders. The emphasis of the project is on licence agreements which are concluded actively between parties, rather than on licence templates which make data publicly available to any interested recipients. In order to complete this step, a combined approach is needed, in which our legal team will draw from a range of sources that will ensure that licences originate from both public and private contexts, commercial and non-commercial use cases, and open versus proprietary approaches.

The “Report on model contract terms” initiates this process with an initial overview of analysed licences and their legal characteristics. The analysis relies on a standardised classification system which is applied to each licence, consisting of a standardised set of legal qualities (‘tags’) that can be present in a specific licence. The result is a repository in which each examined licence is described in a consistent and clear way.

You can download the report on the right side of this page. The report is available also in French and German versions, where the main sections have been translated for the convenience of the reader. However, the contract terms have been kept in the original language, to avoid those small nuances in language that could make a big difference in their interpretation.

Note also that the report will be expanded throughout the course of the project, so stay tuned!

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