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Frequently Asked Questions

When logging on to the Support Centre for Data Sharing (SCDS) website, users can comment, like pieces such as practice examples and opinion pieces, and contribute to the forum. The following instructions explain how to create an account and log on to SCDS.

Start by clicking the button “Log in” on the top right corner of the SCDS website. You will then be redirected to the EU Login Service.

Login & Registration

Step 1: Logging in or registering an account

If you already have an EU Login, enter your EU Login email address on the first page and your password on the follow up page. Following this, you will be redirected to the SCDS website.


If you do not yet have an EU Login account, please click the option “Create an account”. You will then be redirected to a registration page where you can fill in your first name, last name, e-mail and a verification code. Once you have completed this form you will be redirected to page that thanks you for registering and states that you will receive an email to complete the registration process.


Check your email account to find the confirmation email (please note that it may take a moment for the email to come through). Click the link in the confirmation email to activate your account. Once you activate your account, you can log in to the SCDS website.

Step 2: Editing and personalising your account

Once you are logged in, you can edit and personalise your account. Above the Support Centre for Data Sharing logo, you can find an avatar as well as your user name assigned by the EU’s login system. The latter is a string of letters and numbers as shown in the image below.

When clicking on the avatar, a menu will pop up on the left, displaying three options:

    1. “View profile”,
    2. “Edit profile”, and
    3. “Log Out”.

Click on “Edit profile” to:

    1. Change your username in the field “Username”.
    2. Change your password and email address (after confirming your current password).
    3. Add an image under “Picture” (note that the file must be no larger than 2MB).
    4. Fill in your full name, department and organisation.
Step 3: Saving your edits

Once you have edited your profile, click “save” at the bottom form.  You now have a personalised account!