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How do you see data sharing evolving in Europe, due to or irrespective of COVID-19?
IBM is actively involved in many mainstream technology projects and more recently, its interest extends to the space of open data and data sharing.
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What do we refer to with the term data sharing?

Governments’, businesses’ and individuals’ understanding of data has changed dramatically over the last few years. Through education, news, legislative change, and supporting education programmes and dedicated data infrastructure, EU citizens have had many opportunities to develop an awareness of what data means for their lives, and of the potential economic and social impact of data that affects them directly.

The “Support Centre for Data Sharing” (SCDS) is a new initiative funded by the European Commission to further support the development of the Digital Single Market. Our objective is to facilitate data sharing, i.e. transactions in which data held by public sector or private sector are made available to other organisations (public or private) for use and re-use. Data sharing can happen in exchange for payment (or other reward) or for free. Success of data sharing depends on practices, technology, cultural elements and legal frameworks that are relevant to sharing any kind of information digitally, between individuals or organisations. 

SCDS focuses on researching, documenting, and reporting about the data sharing practices, EU legal frameworks, and access and distribution technologies that imply novel models, and legal or technological challenges. Through this website, we collect, develop and disseminate tools and technical expertise and provide practical support for data transactions. With awareness of the value and potential of data, maturity has evolved as well. 

Today, everybody is a player and a contributor. Businesses and organisations are at the forefront where experience and knowledge are created and developed. The SCDS puts the community of data sharing practitioners not only at the center of its focus, but also enables them to create and contribute knowledge. We at SCDS are delivering an environment for the community of data sharing practitioners that is engaging, participatory and continuously evolving to address their needs. We will do everything that is needed for the potential of data to be harvested, grown, and given back to the citizens and businesses of the European Union. 




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