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How can AI-driven SMEs benefit from the Data Governance Act?


On 20 January 2021, the European DIGITAL SME Alliance invited members of the Focus Group on Artificial Intelligence (FG AI) and AI-stakeholders to the workshop: “What does the new Data Governance Act mean for SMEs?”

In this session, Malte Beyer-Katzenberger from DG CNECT laid out the implications of the Digital Governance Act (DGA) for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) that are driven by artificial intelligence (AI), and stated the Act is a designed as a safeguard for their creative ideas.

The DGA includes proposals for the creation of common European data spaces, data sharing through intermediaries, and data sharing for the benefit of all (data altruism). These strategies all greatly impact SMEs in the AI domain. What will this mean for businesses in practice? The main hurdle for AI-driven businesses is access to data, but how will this piece of legislation ensure this?

Have a look at the recap and find a link to the recording

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