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Recap on Data Talks with Daniel Azevedo from Copa Cogeca


Last month, the European Data Portal and the team behind the Support Centre for Data Sharing were joined by Daniel Azevedo from Copa Cogeca, the strongest interest group for farmers in the EU.

With the advent of modern machinery ever more data is collected and, especially in the field of agriculture, high-tech solutions are becoming the norm. Farmers and their partners in the food chain had been using, collecting, and interacting with data for a long time but more recently questions like: "who owns the data", "what are the rights to the data", and "how can farmers make use of data" arose. This, and the fact that different parties and stakeholders have different definitions of data in general, led to the establishment of Copa Cogeca. 

The group helps create a clearer dialogue between different actors, set up a common framework, and ensure interoperability. The code of conduct they put forward is a clear tool here as it enables farmers as well as cooperatives to know which data to share and how to do so. This is a huge step in enabling data-sharing and a vital one, as agriculture today is becoming more and more advanced technologically and its machines continuously collect data.

To learn more, have a look at the recording, and stay tuned for the next Data Talks!

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