What is the role of data ecosystems in tackling global challenges?


With the amount of data increasing every day, measuring, and analysing information becomes crucial and can lead to valuable insights for addressing societal challenges. Yet, solving data challenges involves complex interactions to enable efficient data flow, which in turn requiring a strong data ecosystem.

But what is a data ecosystem? In a strict sense, a data ecosystem is a collection of infrastructures, analytics, and applications involving a group of organisations and communities for collecting and analysing data to understand their business and their customers. So, how can data ecosystem help tackle global challenges? The Open Data Institute (ODI) has been analysing successful data ecosystems in terms of what makes them work, and what kind of challenges they need to overcome. They asked two international sector leaders on how they define a data ecosystem and how it can play a critical role in addressing global challenges. To drive change and bring about economic, social, and environmental benefits, data availability, usability, interoperability, literacy, and strong data ethics all must be in place.

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What is the role of data ecosystem in tackling global challenges?
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