Data Talks

Data spaces and sovereignty: the risks and rewards of sharing data

A new season of Data Talks is coming addressing the disconnect between privacy and secrecy with the openness of data sharing. We will present concrete examples of how data sharing is being conducted in 2021, and discuss with our speakers the technical, business, legal, and ethical sides of the topic.
The talks are hosted by David Regeczi and Esther Huyer.
Dr. David Regeczi is a Senior Managing Consultant within Capgemini Invent with 13+ years’ experience in economic development for high-tech industries, exploring the boundaries of the digital economy. As an online moderator, David has organised numerous sessions for the European Commission and other international organisations.
Esther Huyer works as a Senior Managing Consultant for Data Ecosystems at Capgemini Invent. In her work for the European Union's and Support Center for Data Sharing, she and her team research and encourage successful data sharing for a common European data space. Her interest lies in data-informed and tech-enhanced solutions linking economic, political, and social impulses and actors.

Building trust around data collection

Join us for this talk with Mark Warren from the OGCIO and Pierre Baviera from Derilinx!

Pierre Baviera is the CEO for Derilinx. He is passionate about unlocking the data potential within...

  • 11.02.2022