TRUSTS Workshop: Data Spaces & Semantic Interoperability


TRUSTS invites you to a workshop on semantic data interoperability and data spaces on 3 June!

The increasing number of data spaces and data markets in Europe and the related funding lines and regulations such as the Data Governance ActHorizon Europe and Digital Europe, show the need to discuss, specify and realise (semantic) data interoperability between data spaces.

This workshop brings together researchers, decision makers, and practitioners in the field of the development and operation of European data spaces, data markets and other web-based data management systems that allow data sharing, trading and data collaboration, to discuss requirements, standards, tools, licenses and more regarding (semantic data) interoperability in data spaces. This discussion will include: 

  • data space use cases
  • requirements for interoperability
  • existing and new standards in the field
  • technical solutions in place and in development
  • working and proven tools & technologies
  • legal issues and licenses

The event is particularly interesting for researchers, decision makers, and practitioners working on the specification and implementation of data spaces, in the field of industry, personal related data, as well as research data, and open data. The outcome of the workshop will be a summary document including requirements for interoperability, solution approaches for interoperability in data spaces to help identify existing gaps in the field.

The call for position papers is now open. Find more information on the workshop and discover how to participate

TRUSTS Workshop: Data Spaces & Semantic Interoperability
Image credit:
TRUSTS, 2022

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