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Save the date: webinar on TRUSTS data ecosystems


The team behind Trusted Secure Data Sharing Spaces (TRUSTS) hosts a free webinar at the end of the month where they will deep-dive into the business aspect of TRUSTS.

Andreas Huber (CEO, Governance One) and Bert Utermark (Partner, Trusted Data Analytics) will share their knowledge from the field, and Manuela Schlömmer (Data Intelligence Offensive) will moderate the discussion. 

During the session they will discuss:

  • What the TRUSTS project is and what its objectives are
  • How the project supports the European data strategy and data spaces
  • The business model options of the TRUSTS data platform 
  • How to ensure sustainability of business models
  • The economical impact of the TRUSTS project in Europe
  • Next steps and how to get involved

Register in advance and join them!

Date: 28 January 11:00 - 12:00 CET