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Northernlands 2


This event will take place during multiple days. The main event is from 6-7 July and the wrap-up event is 10 July. Register for the online event via the link here


Monday 6 July

- Open data saves lives | Ben Goldacre | Marc Farr | Professor Barend Mons | Jeni Tennison
- Responsible data collaboration | Leigh Dodds | Stian Westlake | Stefania Milan | Sander van der Waal

Tuesday 7 July

- Mobility in modern cities | Jack Hardinges
- Social interaction in a distanced world | Matt Clancy | Tom Bridges | Tim van Deursen

Northernlands 2 is a collaboration between ODI Leeds and The Kingdom of the Netherlands, the start of activity to create, support, and amplify the cultural links between The Netherlands and the North of England. It is with their generous and vigourous support, and the support of other energetic organisations, that Northernlands 2 can be delivered.

Register for the online event via the link here



Northernlands 2
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Northernlands 2