Join us online at the Big Data Conference Europe 2022!


Join our online session at the Big Data Conference Europe "Enabling AI Through Data Ecosystems: What We Learned at the Support Centre for Data Sharing"

Smart cars, wearables, and cloud platforms are all driven by shared data. In fact, to make any innovative technology in the field of artificial intelligence and big data possible, we not only need access to large volumes of high-quality data, but we also need ecosystems in which data can be seamlessly exchanged. Shared policies, standards, rules, and economic models also need to be in place to protect the rights of the players involved and guarantee transparency and fairness. As the Support Centre for Data Sharing team, we learned from organisations involved in data ecosystems – both public and private – where the opportunities and challenges for this space lie.

At the Big Data Conference Europe 2022, we will share what we have learned from our talks with these organisations, and how to realise the full potential of data ecosystems.

From 21 to 24 November, this four-day conference presents technical talks in the fields of big data, high load, data science, machine learning, and AI. The event brings together developers, IT professionals, and users to share their experiences, exchange best practices, and show practical examples and cases of business applications.

Our session takes place on 24 November 14:40 CET. Find more information and get your tickets now!

Big Data Conference Europe 2022
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