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IDS Launching Coalition Fest


This webinar will take place at Monday 29 June, from 10:00-12:30 CEST / 09:00-11:30 BST. Registration is required. Register and join the webinar via the link here

The International Data Spaces (IDS) Launching Coalition's goal is to make IDS market-ready until end of this year. That means the IDS Essential Services and first Evaluation Facilities for the IDS Certification will be available for those who want to bring IDS based products to the market. The 'IDS Launching Coalition Fest' will show you what they have already achieved:

Agenda (in BST):

10:00-10:05 Welcome and Introduction: What is the LC? What happened until now? | Christoph Mertens | IDSA

10:05-10:15 From IDS to GAIA-X: Smart Connected Supply Chain (SCSN) and Smart Factory | Mike de Roode & Rutger van der Male | TNO

10:15-10:25 IDS Evaluation Facility: How to prepare for certification and how Integration Camps can help | Olatz Mediavilla | SQS

10:25-10:35 DAPS + ParIS + GAIAboX as Connector | Jörg Langkau | nicos AG

10:35-10:45 State of Play: Rule Book & IDS-G | What is already there? Who is active? What can it already be used for? What happens next? Sebastian Steinbuss | IDSA

10:45-10:55 Adoption Pioneers: Use Cases | Product: Data Intelligence Hub (DIH) | Dr. Karsten Schweichhart | Deutsche Telekom AG

10:55-11:05 IDS_ready Connector by GEC | Sebastian Ritz | German Edge Cloud (tbc.) -------------------------------------------

11:05-11:15 Let’s have some coffee! -------------------------------------------

11:15-11:25 IoT Data Management | SCOPE: GDPR compliant E-Recruiting | Dennis Neumann | SCOPE

11:25-11:35 SICK Logistics use case | Alexander Aberle | SICK AG

11:35-11:45 Adoption Pioneers: Essential Services | Certificate Authority for X.509 certificates | Klaus Ottradovetz | ATOS

11:45-11:55 Adoption Pioneers: Community | The IDSA Mobility Community is being formed right now | Chris Langdon | Deutsche Telekom

11:55-12:05 Operationalizing IDS: IDS Support Organization – “How can we help you?” | Lars Nagel | IDSA

12:05-12:15 Operationalizing IDS: Truzzt | An organisation for data sovereignty | Truzzt

12:15-12:25 Outlook: What is going to happen next? | Christoph Mertens | IDSA

12:25-12:35 Q&A: Any Questions?

Register and join the webinar via the link here



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