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Data4Good Festival 2021


Data4Good Festival 2021 is an online programme of events in May 2021 that aims to help sector organisations make better use of data. The festival is an opportunity to share stories of social sector organisations using data to improve their impact and will showcase those social sector organisations who are at the forefront of harnessing data to design more effective and efficient services, achieve better outcomes, and deliver greater impact. Organisations will share best practice on what data to collect, showcasing new digital tools for data management and analysis, and signposting where to find help and resources.

There’ll be practical sessions on data use, analysis and data science; sessions for senior leadership and those who lead on strategy at their organisations; and showcases where others share what they’ve been up to. There will be something for everyone whether you’re new to using data, or are already well on your data journey.


Date: 10 - 12 May 2021


Data4Good Festival 2021
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