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Widgets and tools

La página "Widgets y Herramientas" ofrece una selección de productos y servicios de terceros para compartir datos. Los widgets y herramientas mostrados tienen como objetivo inspirar a los desarrolladores y partes interesadas a probar, discutir y calificar widgets y herramientas, sugerir otros o incluso desarrollar otros nuevos.

Utilice el formulario de soporte del Support Centre for Data Sharing para enviar sus widgets y herramientas favoritas para nuestra revisión.

GDPR Temperature Tool

Sector: Information & Technology
Country: European Union
Hosted by: (created by the European Digital SME Alliance)

The GDPR...


Kubernetes is an open source container orchestration system that automates computer application deployment, scaling and management. It is a cluster and...


Opendatasoft offers data sharing software’s and develops tools for sharing and re-using data from companies and public administrations. Their mission is to...

Virtuoso Universal Server

Virtuoso Universal Server is a product of OpenLink Software, a privately held company that specialises in Data Virtualisation Technology and Distributed...


FileChain is a startup blockchain company that aims to enable developers to create applications for data sharing. This is achieved through co-creation and...