1001 Lakes - unlocking data ecosystems


On 15 December we meet with Hans Graux and Marko Turpeinen to discuss 1001 Lakes.

1001 Lakes facilitates data ecosystems by helping organisations to manage and share data more securely and efficiently, and to enable new insights and data-driven services benefiting everyone. Their focus is on maximising data use to benefit society while protecting users from risks associated with the data economy.

Hans is an ICT lawyer at the bar of Brussels and founding partner in the law firm time.lex. Since obtaining a Law degree (2002) and completing a complementary study in Informatics (2003), Hans has been involved professionally in ICT Law throughout his professional career. Over the past few years, he has worked in a variety of ICT-related legal fields, both on a Belgian and European scale, in relation to cloud computing, data protection, eSignatures, trust services, electronic identity management, information security, and e-government.

Marko is the CEO of 1001 Lakes, with 25 years of experience in digital transformation of industries and society. He has developed and managed large education, research, and innovation initiatives in Europe and the U.S. He has extensive experience in digital technology topics such as personalisation, privacy, mediated communities, and network society.

In this Data Talk, we discuss how 1001 Lakes facilitates data ecosystems and some of the design principles that come into play in the process.

Add the event to your calendar and join us: 15 December 14:00 - 14:45!

1001 Lakes - unlocking data ecosystems
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