Virtuoso Universal Server

Sector: Information & Technology

Country: United Kingdom and United States of America

Hosted by: Hosting and execution of PHP4 scripts is supported via Virtuoso Server Extensions Interface (VSEI) for Zend.


Virtuoso Universal Server is a product of OpenLink Software, a privately held company that specialises in Data Virtualisation Technology and Distributed Collaborative Applications Platforms, for example. The company’s aim is to empower individuals and enterprises through open access to data and to facilitate maximum exploitation of current and future technology paradigms.


Virtuoso Universal Server is a data virtualisation platform that enables users to quickly and flexibly harmonise data to increase agility for users. The platform ensures:

  • Cost-effective achievement of data virtualisation,
  • Real fusion of data and artificial intelligence,
  • Intelligent data privacy and security,
  • Performance and scalability, and
  • Maximising new and emerging data-centric innovations without disrupting existing infrastructure.


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