Sector: Information & Technology

Country: United States of America

Hosted by: Created by Google and maintained by Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF).


Kubernetes is an open source container orchestration system that automates computer application deployment, scaling and management. It is a cluster and container management tool that allows users to deploy containers to clusters, meaning a network of virtual machines. Kubernetes works with different containers, including Docker. The software’s aim is to further abstract machines, storage and network away from a physical implementation.


Kubernetes is designed to address the availability of both applications and infrastructures. This makes the software indispensable when deploying containers in production. For example, in terms of health checks Kubernetes protects a user’s containerised application against failures by continuously checking the health of nodes and containers. Moreover, it also offers self-healing and auto-replacement. For instance, if a container or pod crashes because of an error, Kubernetes will address the issue.

Url: https://kubernetes.io/


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