GDPR Temperature Tool

Sector: Information & Technology
Country: European Union
Hosted by: (created by the European Digital SME Alliance)

The GDPR Temperature Tool was developed by the “” Horizon 2020 project, under the supervision of the law firm ICT Legal Consulting. is aimed at supporting the creation of a safe Digital Single Market by creating awareness about the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The tool informs small and medium enterprises (SMEs) on their current standing with respect to GDPR, and the risk of sanctions.

With the GDPR Temperature Tool, SMEs can assess their risk of GDPR related sanctions based on a brief self-assessment survey. The potential risk is then indicated as “temperature”. Nearly each question contains links to additional information and legal materials to provide users with all the relevant information. In addition, a free and customised set of practical legal recommendations is provided.

Access the GDPR Temperature Tool.

GDPR Temperature Tool

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