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The Path to the Digital Decade


At this year’s State of the Union Address, the European Commission introduced the “Path to the Digital Decade”. This actionable plan aims to digitalise skills, infrastructures, businesses, and public services to accomplish the digital transformation of our society and economy by 2030. 

At the heart of the Path to the Digital Decade is the ambition to foster close cooperation, common governance, and coordinated investment between the EU and Member States. Together with them, the Commission will develop trajectories, strategic roadmaps, and an annual cooperation mechanism to make this possible. This will include: 

  • a structured, transparent, and shared monitoring system based on the Digital Economy and Society Index (DESI) to measure progress, 

  • an annual ‘Report on the state of the Digital Decade’ in which the Commission evaluates and provides recommendations, 

  • multiannual digital decade strategic roadmaps in which the Member States outline adopted or planned policies and measures, 

  • a structured framework to discuss and address areas of insufficient progress through joint commitments between the Commission and the Member States, and 

  • a mechanism to support the implementation of multi-country projects. 

These multi-country projects are large-scale projects that ensure that Member States jointly achieve the targets. They will pool EU, national, and private resources to ensure progress that no Member State could achieve on its own. Think for example of the European Digital Innovation Hubs or the EuroHPC Joint Undertaking

Curious to learn more? Find more information on the Commission’s website.     

The Path to the Digital Decade
2021, European Commission

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