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How can DIHs help to close the gap in data literacy?


At DataWeek 2021, experts from the Big Data Value Association, the EUHubs4Data project, and key members of the Portuguese R&I ecosystem (DECSIS, valuedate.io and Ubiwhere) hosted a panel on the importance of data skills for European economies. In the webinar, panelists shed light on the state of the current data skill gap and how to close it, pointing out the role of DIHs across Europe to contribute in the form of related trainings.

According to Elena Simperl, professor of computer science at King’s College London:

"We live in a data world and we need methods to help us find, make sense, and use the data surrounding us. These are part of a larger data literacy agenda. Digital Innovation Hubs (DIHs) can play a key role in doing so but we need to think beyond training and knowledge transfer and think about building better data-driven products, services, and applications."

Curious to learn more? Watch the recording.

How can DIHs help to close the gap in data literacy?
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